XINRUI Multi-Function Foldable Push Up Board: Portable, 20-in-1, Floor Handles, Fitness Iron Chest Pro

Uncover the prowess of your fitness routine with the XINRUI Multi-Function Foldable Push Up Board. Designed for perfection, this 20-in-1 fitness gear enhances your push-up routine by introducing varied positions for distinct muscle groups. Its portable design ensures fitness comes with you, anywhere you go. Iron Chest Pro, it’s more than a tool, it’s a way of fitness.
Step up your fitness game with the XINRUI Multi-Function Foldable Push Up Board, offering a unique blend of function and portability. Its sophisticated design allows you to engage different muscles with varied push-up positions, facilitating an all-rounded workout. Constructed with a foldable feature, the push-up board simplifies storage and transport, ensuring your workout regime stays consistent, irrespective of your location.

Additionally, the board features easy-to-grip handles that ensure a secure grip during intense workouts, reducing the chance of injury. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, the XINRUI Push Up Board adjusts to your fitness level, helping you achieve your fitness goals.

One of its crowning features is the Iron Chest Pro element. Tailored to target your chest muscles, it optimises your push-up routine, leading to well-toned, strong pectorals. Every push-up performed on this board is a step towards a fitter, healthier you.

Q: Can the XINRUI Push Up Board be adjusted to suit different fitness levels?
A: Absolutely! The XINRUI Push Up Board caters to everyone, from beginners to fitness enthusiasts. Its 20-in-1 design allows adjustments to fit your fitness level.

Q: Is the board easily transportable for workouts on the go?
A: Yes, the push-up board is designed with a foldable feature, making it perfect for carrying with you wherever you go.

Q: Does the board have an Iron Chest Pro feature?
A: Indeed, it does! The Iron Chest Pro feature is designed to target your chest muscles, optimising your push-up routine and leading to stronger, well-toned pectorals.

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