Workout Rings with Non-Slip Grip – Holds Upto 300KG | Set of 2

Experience a new level of strength training with our set of two workout rings. Enhanced with adjustable straps, these rings are designed to securely support weights of up to 300KG. The addition of a non-slip tape grip ensures your exercises are both safe and efficient.

Workout rings have long been a staple in gymnastics and functional training. Our set pushes the boundaries by not only being adjustable up to 15 feet but also holding an impressive 300KG. That’s significantly more than many competitors on the market. So, whether you’re a novice looking to start your fitness journey or an experienced athlete aiming to intensify your routine, these rings are apt for you.


Adjustable Straps: Easily alter the length to suit your training needs.
Non-Slip Grip: Safety is paramount, and our tape grip ensures you remain secure, even during intense workouts.
Heavy-Duty Capacity: Designed to support up to 300KG, enabling a wide range of exercises.
Set of Two: Perfect for exercises requiring symmetrical movement, enhancing your balance and coordination.

These rings are more than just a fitness tool; they’re a commitment to a healthier, stronger you.

**Q:** How long are the adjustable straps on the workout rings?
**A:** The straps are adjustable up to 15 feet.

Q: What’s the maximum weight the rings can hold?
A: The rings can safely support up to 300KG or 661 pounds.

Q: Is the grip on the rings suitable for sweaty hands?
A: Yes, the rings come with a non-slip tape grip, making them ideal for sessions where sweat might otherwise be an issue.

Q: How many rings are included in a set?
A: Each set includes two workout rings.

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