Wearable Ankle & Wrist Weights – Pair of 2 (1lb & 2lb) Silicone Bands for Fitness Enthusiasts

Perfect for fitness lovers, this set of wearable weights, designed for wrists and ankles, transforms your regular workouts into powerful training sessions. These silicone bracelet-style weights come as a pair of 1lb and 2lb pieces, suitable for both men and women. Ideal for various fitness activities such as jogging, yoga, gym, and strength training, they enhance resistance and boost your workout efficiency.
Enhance your workout routine with this stylish set of wearable wrist and ankle weights. The pair comprises a 1lb and a 2lb weight, each moulded into a sleek silicone band for comfortable wear. These weights are versatile and perfect for various fitness activities including jogging, yoga, gym workouts and strength training.

These silicone bracelet-style weights are not just effective but are also stylish, designed to appeal to both men and women. Adding these weights to your fitness regime can help improve muscular strength, endurance, and overall fitness.

The silicone material ensures comfort, even for prolonged wear. Plus, the adjustable feature of these weights ensures a snug fit for all wrist and ankle sizes. Enjoy your exercise with this pair of wearable weights, designed for fitness enthusiasts looking to make the most out of their workout.

Q: Are these weights suitable for all types of exercises?
A: Yes, these weights are designed to add resistance and enhance the effectiveness of various fitness activities such as jogging, yoga, gym workouts and strength training.

Q: Can they fit any wrist and ankle size?
A: Absolutely, these bracelet-style weights are adjustable and designed to fit all wrist and ankle sizes comfortably.

Q: Can men and women both use these weights?
A: Definitely, these weights are unisex and cater to both men and women, enhancing their workout efficiency.

Q: Are they comfortable for prolonged wear?
A: Yes, made from silicone, these weights are comfortable even when worn for extended periods during workouts.

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