URBNFit Exercise Sphere – Fitness and Pregnancy Yoga Ball with Pump – Anti-Burst Swiss Balance Orb for Office, Gym & Home Use

Unearth the secrets to a fitter, healthier lifestyle with the URBNFit Exercise Sphere, your perfect partner for workout routines, prenatal health, stability training and more. Crafted meticulously, this is not your ordinary fitness equipment but a Swiss balance orb that encourages active sitting and exercise. It’s a gym, home or office companion, available with an easy-use pump.
URBNFit Exercise Sphere is an all-in-one fitness solution, designed to cater to your diverse exercise needs. Whether you’re focusing on core strengthening, balance enhancement, or a thorough workout, this fitness ball serves as a versatile addition to your routine.

Specially designed with an anti-burst feature, this sphere guarantees safety during your most vigorous workout sessions. The stability it provides makes it a perfect tool for prenatal exercises, helping expectant mothers stay fit and healthy throughout their pregnancy journey.

But the URBNFit Exercise Sphere isn’t just for the gym or home workout area. It’s also a fantastic option for your office setting. Use it as an alternative chair to improve your posture and eliminate the risks of prolonged sitting. A beneficial option for the remote workers or those with desk jobs, providing an innovative solution for active sitting.

The sphere comes with a convenient pump, making inflation easy and fast. The URBNFit Exercise Sphere is the epitome of exercise equipment that goes beyond the conventional, enhancing not just your physical strength but overall wellness.

Q: Can the URBNFit Exercise Sphere withstand rigorous workouts?
A: Yes, the sphere is designed with an anti-burst feature to ensure safety during intense sessions.

Q: Is it suitable for prenatal exercises?
A: Absolutely! The stability provided by the sphere makes it a perfect tool for expectant mothers to stay fit.

Q: Can it be used in an office environment?
A: Definitely. The sphere serves as an excellent alternative to regular chairs, promoting better posture and active sitting.

Q: Does the sphere come with a pump?
A: Yes, a user-friendly pump is included for easy inflation.

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