Ultra Fitness Gear Wood Plyo Box: 3-in-1 MMA & Plyometrics

Introducing the Ultra Fitness Gear Wood Plyo Box: a versatile tool designed specifically for jump MMA training and plyometrics. With multiple sizes available, choose the ideal fit for your workout regime.
Engage in an intensive workout with the Ultra Fitness Gear Wood Plyo Box. Crafted for those passionate about MMA and plyometrics training, this 3-in-1 box offers a variety of sizes to fit different fitness levels and exercise needs. Whether you’re looking to boost your jumping prowess, improve agility, or enhance strength, this plyo box is your go-to equipment. Notably, you can pick from sizes such as 30/24/20, 24/20/16, 20/18/16, or the compact 16/14/12. Its robust wood construction ensures durability, giving you the confidence to push yourself during every training session.

Q: Which sizes does the Ultra Fitness Gear Wood Plyo Box come in?
A: The box offers four size variations: 30/24/20, 24/20/16, 20/18/16, and 16/14/12.

Q: Is the plyo box suitable for both beginners and professionals?
A: Absolutely! With its variety of sizes, the box caters to individuals of all fitness levels.

Q: Can the plyo box handle intensive workouts?
A: Yes, the robust wood construction ensures durability for all kinds of workouts.

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