Triple-Fold Exercise Mat by BalanceFrom: MMA, Gymnastics & Home Gym Floor Protection

Discover the BalanceFrom triple-fold exercise mat, a versatile accessory for your physical activity regime. Its unique design is perfect for a wide array of activities, from MMA and gymnastics to simply providing a cushioned surface in your home gym. Easy to fold and transport, this mat comes equipped with handy carrying handles. Its purpose isn’t only confined to comfort, it also ensures the flooring of your workout space is adequately protected.

The BalanceFrom triple-fold exercise mat revolutionises the concept of portable workout equipment. Made from dense foam material, it provides excellent padding and support, whether you’re engaging in MMA, gymnastics, or a home gym workout.

One standout feature is the mat’s three-fold design. This makes the mat highly compact and transportable, easily folded away when not in use. Convenient carrying handles are affixed to the mat, enhancing its portability.

But the benefits extend beyond comfort and convenience. This mat also serves as a protective layer for your floor. During rigorous workouts, it reduces the risk of damaging your flooring, which is especially beneficial for hardwood or tiled surfaces.

A unique fusion of versatility, comfort and protective capability makes the BalanceFrom triple-fold exercise mat a superb choice for any fitness enthusiast.

Q: Can this mat be used for activities beyond MMA and gymnastics?
A: Absolutely. Though the mat is perfect for MMA and gymnastics, it is equally beneficial for yoga, Pilates, stretching exercises and general home gym workouts.

Q: How does the mat protect my floor?
A: The dense foam material of the mat absorbs the impact of your workouts, reducing the risk of scratches, dents or other potential damage to your floor.

Q: What makes this mat easy to carry?
A: The BalanceFrom mat features a three-fold design, which makes it compact when folded. Additionally, it has built-in handles, making it easier to transport.

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