Tohoyard Mini Stepper: Resistance Bands & 330 lbs Weight Capacity – Dark Black

Engage in a comprehensive workout experience with the Tohoyard Mini Stepper. Equipped with resistance bands and a calorie counter, this portable equipment becomes your ideal companion for home fitness routines, ensuring strength and stamina. Designed with a robust 330 lbs weight capacity, it’s rendered in a sleek dark black finish.

Whether you’re after cardio or strength training, the Tohoyard Mini Stepper caters to both. While traditional steppers offer a cardio workout, this model takes it a step further by integrating resistance bands. These bands accentuate your upper body workouts, ensuring a total body experience.

Another standout feature of this stepper is the calorie count. Monitoring your progress and ensuring that you’re on track is crucial for fitness. With the built-in calorie counter, you have an easy reference point to measure your workout intensity.

The 330 lbs weight capacity is indicative of its sturdy build, catering to a broad spectrum of users. It’s further complemented by a dark black finish which adds a touch of elegance to your home gym.

A standout aspect of the Tohoyard Mini Stepper is its portability. Despite its robust features, it remains compact, making it easy to store or move around in your home.

Q: Can the Tohoyard Mini Stepper support upper body workouts?
A: Yes, with integrated resistance bands, it supports both lower and upper body workouts.

Q: Does the stepper come with a calorie counting feature?
A: Absolutely. It’s equipped with a calorie counter to track and optimise your workout sessions.

Q: How much weight can the stepper handle?
A: The stepper boasts a sturdy build with a 330 lbs weight capacity.

Q: Is the stepper bulky or heavy?
A: Despite its sturdy construction, the stepper is designed for portability and ease of storage in homes.

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