Squat Wedge Block Pack: Epp Foam, Non-Slip Calf Raiser, Adjustable Board, Yoga & Stretch Gear

Discover the versatility of the Squat Wedge Block Pack. From enhancing squats to elevating yoga and stretching exercises, this pack includes foam blocks designed for knees-over-toes exercises, non-slip calf raises, and adjustable boards for a more focused workout.

Squatting, yoga, and stretching have found a new ally in the Squat Wedge Block Pack. Crafted from high-quality Epp foam, these blocks offer more than just support. They act as an essential gym companion for those who are keen on knees-over-toes exercises. The non-slip design ensures your workouts are both safe and effective. Whether you’re looking to intensify your calf raises or need a slant board for those deep squats, these blocks adjust according to your needs. Furthermore, the pack finds a perfect place in a yogi’s arsenal, adding depth and dimension to stretches. With their versatility, these blocks become an indispensable part of one’s fitness routine.

Q: What materials are used in the Squat Wedge Block Pack?
A: The blocks are crafted from high-quality Epp foam.

Q: Can they be used for yoga and stretching exercises?
A: Absolutely! Besides squats and calf raises, they’re also ideal for yoga and stretching, enhancing depth and intensity.

Q: Is the slant board adjustable?
A: Yes, the board adjusts according to the user’s needs, making it perfect for a variety of workouts.

Q: How does the non-slip design benefit users?
A: The non-slip design ensures workouts are safe and prevents slipping, particularly during intense exercises.

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