Shape Fit Core Rebounder: Bonus Workout Accessories Included?

Discover the Shape Fit Core Indoor Rebounder – a fitness trampoline tailored for adults. Not only does this rebounder ensure an engaging exercise routine, but it also comes with bonus workout mini accessories. Dive in to know more.

The Shape Fit Core Indoor Rebounder stands out from the crowd, offering a unique experience for those seeking to enhance their fitness routine. Measuring at 48 inches, this rebounder is specifically designed for adults, making it the ideal choice for indoor workouts.

One of its main selling points is the inclusion of bonus mini workout accessories. But what are these accessories? Alongside the trampoline, you receive a ropeless jump rope and resistance band. These additions not only enrich your workout experience but also bring diversity to your routines, ensuring you never get bored.

The rebounder also boasts portability, accompanied by a carry bag. Whether you’re on the move or just looking to save space at home, the carry bag simplifies storage and transport.

Q: What bonus accessories come with the Shape Fit Core Indoor Rebounder?
A: It comes with a ropeless jump rope and a resistance band.

Q: Is the trampoline suitable for all adults?
A: Yes, designed specifically for adults, it measures 48 inches, ideal for indoor exercise.

Q: How does the rebounder support portability?
A: The product includes a carry bag, making it convenient for storage and transport.

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