Revolutionise Fitness with PushX3: Original Round-Bottom Pushup Handles Including Stabiliser Rings & Premium Mesh Bag for Home Gym and Jujitsu Upper Body Conditioning

Introducing PushX3, the original round-bottom pushup handles that have revolutionised strength training. Offering you the unique opportunity to transform your routine, these handles aren’t merely traditional push-up stands, but rather a versatile fitness equipment set. With two included stabiliser rings, you can enhance grip strength and build forearm endurance like never before. Not to mention, a high-grade mesh bag for easy storage and portability, it’s the ideal addition to your home gym and Jujitsu upper body conditioning.
PushX3 is no ordinary fitness gear. These round-bottom pushup handles offer a more engaging workout, activating multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Their unique design allows a variety of exercise routines while maintaining consistent and controlled movement.

Additionally, PushX3 includes two stabiliser rings, transforming the handles into traditional push-up stands or grip strengtheners. This feature allows for a comprehensive upper body workout, building forearm strength and endurance that’s essential for gym enthusiasts and martial arts practitioners alike.

Moreover, each set of PushX3 comes with a high-grade mesh bag, providing a convenient solution for storage and transport. Whether you’re working out at home or bringing your fitness routine on the go, this lightweight bag ensures your equipment is always within reach.

PushX3 isn’t just for gym workouts; it’s also an exceptional tool for those into Jujitsu. It aids in enhancing grip strength, a vital aspect of Jujitsu, contributing to improved performance and endurance.

PushX3 isn’t just a fitness product, but a complete fitness solution. It transforms traditional exercise routines into dynamic, full-body workouts for improved strength, endurance, and performance.

Q: Can PushX3 handles be used as traditional push-up stands?
A: Yes, PushX3 handles include two stabiliser rings that allow transformation into traditional push-up stands or grip strengtheners.

Q: Is a storage solution provided with the PushX3 set?
A: Yes, each set comes with a high-grade mesh bag for easy storage and transport.

Q: Can PushX3 help improve my Jujitsu performance?
A: Absolutely. PushX3 aids in enhancing grip strength and endurance, vital aspects in Jujitsu training.

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