PRx Performance Wall-Mounted 3 Barbell Holder: Space-Saving Gym Rack

Elevate your fitness space with the PRx Performance Wall-Mounted 3 Barbell Holder. Crafted in the USA and finished in sleek American Black Powder, this gym accessory blends functionality and style. Whether you have a bustling commercial gym or a dedicated home workout space, this space-saving rack is a must-have.

The PRx Performance Barbell Holder isn’t just another piece of gym equipment. Made in the USA, it stands testament to top-tier craftsmanship and design. Its American Black Powder coating gives it an elegant, yet durable finish that stands up to heavy use.

It’s all about saving space without compromising on storage. The wall-mounted design ensures your barbells are safely stored, reducing clutter and preventing any potential damage or tripping hazards. Accommodating three barbells, this rack caters to varied fitness regimes, ensuring your essential equipment is always within arm’s reach.

One of the key elements of this holder is its versatility. Commercial gym owners will find it invaluable for keeping their space tidy and organised. Home gym enthusiasts, too, will appreciate its sleek design and functional benefits. Moreover, the quality materials and build ensure long-lasting performance.

Q: Where’s the PRx Performance Barbell Holder made?
A: It’s crafted in the USA.

Q: How many barbells can it hold?
A: The rack can accommodate three barbells.

Q: Is it suitable for home gyms?
A: Absolutely! Whether you have a commercial gym or a home workout space, it’s a perfect fit.

Q: What’s the finish on the rack?
A: It’s coated in American Black Powder for a sleek yet durable finish.

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