ProBody Pilates Sphere: Compact Exercise Aid w/ Pump, Bender Feature; Soft Yoga Support, Stability & Barre Fitness; Ab Core Physio Ball for Domestic Gym & Workspace

Embrace the transformative power of fitness with the ProBody Pilates Sphere, a compact exercise aid. Fitted with a convenient pump, this tool doubles as a Bender, adding versatility to your workouts. Its soft composition makes it an excellent support for yoga sessions, enhancing stability and barre fitness routines. The ball also caters to ab core physio exercises, providing a professional-level physical therapy experience in the comfort of your domestic gym or workspace.
The ProBody Pilates Sphere stands as a compact exercise aid designed to enrich your fitness journey. It includes a pump, making it easy to inflate and deflate as needed, granting you control over its firmness. The unique Bender functionality opens up a myriad of workout possibilities, promoting versatility and encouraging creativity in your routines.

The ball’s soft yet durable material provides excellent support for yoga practices, aiding in the execution of complex poses and enhancing your stability. It also contributes to barre fitness routines, fostering balance and improving core strength.

Not limited to yoga and fitness, the ProBody Pilates Sphere caters to ab core physio exercises too. This feature allows you to carry out professional-level physical therapy sessions right in your home or office. By integrating this tool into your routine, you stand to experience significant improvements in flexibility, balance, strength, and overall fitness.

Q: Can I adjust the firmness of the ProBody Pilates Sphere?
A: Absolutely! The provided pump allows for easy inflation and deflation, so you can adjust the firmness to suit your preference and the demands of your workout.

Q: How does the Bender function work?
A: The Bender functionality of the ball introduces a range of workout possibilities. It enhances the versatility of your exercises, accommodating both low and high-intensity routines.

Q: Is this ball suitable for ab core physio exercises?
A: Yes, the ProBody Pilates Sphere is an excellent tool for ab core physio exercises. It allows for professional-level physical therapy sessions, enhancing your flexibility, balance, and strength.

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