ProBody Pilates 9 Inch Exercise Ball with Pump for Fitness & Therapy

Discover ProBody’s premier 9-inch Pilates exercise ball, tailored to elevate your fitness journey. Whether at home, office or gym, it’s the perfect companion for stability, barre, core workouts, and physiotherapy.

The ProBody Pilates Ball is not your ordinary exercise ball. Specially designed at 9 inches, this ball is ideal for those who prioritise both function and comfort. It comes with a pump, ensuring that it’s always ready for action. The soft texture makes it perfect for yoga, while its durable design guarantees it’ll stand up to even the most intense barre or core routines. Whether you’re into physical therapy or just general fitness, this ball adapts to your needs, giving you versatility in your workouts.

Q: Can the ProBody Pilates Ball be used for office chair seating?
A: Certainly! Its design promotes better posture and core engagement, making it an excellent choice for office seating.

Q: Is the included pump easy to use?
A: Yes, the provided pump makes inflation straightforward and quick, so you can get started with your exercises without delay.

Q: How does the soft texture benefit yoga practices?
A: The soft texture ensures a comfortable grip, preventing slips and enhancing alignment during various yoga poses.

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