PERSIT Women’s High-Waist Yoga Shorts: Side & Inner Pockets, Non See-Through

Discover PERSIT’s high-waist yoga shorts for women, designed for utmost comfort and functionality. With side and inner pockets, these shorts guarantee convenience during workouts. Plus, their non see-through material ensures confidence with every move.

PERSIT, renowned for its premium athletic wear, introduces its high-waist yoga shorts. Every woman desires both comfort and style, and these shorts promise both. Their high-waist design offers excellent tummy control, making them an ideal choice for various exercises and yoga poses. Notably, the inclusion of side and inner pockets means one can easily store essentials like keys or cards. Another key feature is the non see-through fabric, a must-have for gym enthusiasts who want to maintain their privacy while executing challenging postures or moves. The material is breathable, stretchy, and resistant to wear and tear, guaranteeing longevity and value for money.

Q: Are the PERSIT yoga shorts true to size?
A: Yes, they’re designed to fit according to standard sizing. However, it’s always recommended to check the size chart before purchase.

Q: Can the pockets hold a mobile phone securely?
A: Absolutely! The side and inner pockets are spacious enough to hold mobile phones and other small essentials securely.

Q: Will these shorts retain their shape after multiple washes?
A: Yes, the shorts are made from a durable material blend that resists stretching or sagging with regular use and wash.

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