OQQ Ladies’ Triplet Outfit: Ribbed Seamless Sportswear Set, One-Shoulder Top, Scoop-Neck Bra, High-Waist Shorts

Unleash your full potential with OQQ’s unique three-piece ensemble, designed for women with an active lifestyle. Featuring a one-shoulder top, a scoop neck sports bra, and high waist shorts, this ribbed, seamless set maximises comfort without sacrificing style.
This seamless outfit from OQQ is thoughtfully designed for women who appreciate a balance of functionality and fashion. Crafted from high-quality ribbed fabric, each piece offers an ideal blend of softness, breathability, and flexibility.

The scoop-neck sports bra, with its supportive design, allows unrestricted movement and optimum comfort during vigorous activities. The one-shoulder top adds a trendy edge, perfect for post-workout brunches or running errands. Complementing these is a pair of high-waist shorts that promise a flattering fit, enhancing your body’s natural shape while ensuring ease of movement.

Being part of the OQQ brand, renowned for its meticulous approach to sportswear, this set guarantees longevity and durability. It’s your perfect companion, whether you’re hitting the gym, practising yoga, or going for a leisurely walk. Embrace the freedom to move, stretch, and sweat with this versatile outfit.

Q: Is this OQQ three-piece set suitable for all workout types?
A: Absolutely! The set is designed with versatility in mind, suitable for a wide range of physical activities from high-intensity workouts to low-impact exercises.

Q: Can I mix and match the pieces?
A: Yes, the individual pieces in this set can be worn together or separately, providing flexibility to suit your personal style or the nature of your workout.

Q: How does the high-waist design of the shorts benefit me?
A: The high-waist design not only provides a flattering fit but also adds extra support and control in the core area during workouts.

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