Need a 2.2L Sports Water Bottle With Built-In Wallet & Straw? – Pink Aesthetic Large Gym Drink Container

Uncover the essentials of staying hydrated and organised with a 2.2L sports water bottle, exemplifying functionality and style. With a built-in wallet, straw, and an aesthetic pink look, it’s not just a drink container, it’s a companion for your active lifestyle.
For those pursuing an active lifestyle, maintaining hydration is key. The Half Gallon 74oz / 2.2L Sports Water Bottle doesn’t just fulfill this need; it brings added convenience with a built-in wallet and a storage sleeve. Whether it’s at the gym or on a hiking trail, this large container proves indispensable.

Its unique feature, the built-in wallet, allows storage of essentials such as cards and cash, ensuring they’re always within reach. The inclusion of a straw promotes easy sipping, while the phone pocket adds another layer of convenience.

Crafted to be BPA free, this bottle ensures your drinks stay uncontaminated, offering a safe hydration solution. The carry handle and aesthetic pink look not only add to its visual appeal but also enhance its portability.

This bottle isn’t just a hydration solution; it’s a versatile companion for those on the go. With its unique features and aesthetic appeal, it’s a standout choice for those seeking both convenience and style in their hydration gear.

Q: Does the water bottle come with a bottle brush?
A: Yes, the 2.2L sports water bottle includes a bottle brush, aiding in maintaining its cleanliness.

Q: Is the bottle BPA free, ensuring safe drinking?
A: Absolutely, the bottle is crafted to be BPA free, offering an uncontaminated and safe hydration solution.

Q: Can the built-in wallet store cards and cash conveniently?
A: Indeed, the built-in wallet in the bottle allows for convenient storage of essentials like cards and cash.

Q: Does it have a carry handle, making it portable?
A: Yes, the bottle features a carry handle, enhancing its portability for an active lifestyle.

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