Movido Adjustable Wrist & Ankle Weights: Ideal for Exercise & Movement

Boost your fitness journey with Movido’s wrist and ankle weights. Designed to cater to both women and men, these adjustable weights enhance your workout and movement activities, from yoga to hiking.
Movido brings a versatile solution for those keen to elevate their exercise regimen. Whether you’re delving into yoga, taking strides in walking or hiking, or engaging in aerobics, these weights adjust to your needs. Each set offers a combined weight of 2 lb, ensuring that users can incrementally increase intensity. The design is user-friendly, ensuring a snug fit around wrists and ankles, preventing any slip during exercises. Moreover, they’re ideal for both genders, providing an even playing field for everyone to up their fitness game.

Q: How much does each Movido weight weigh?
A: Each weight is 1 lb, with two in a set making it 2 lb in total.

Q: Are they suitable for all genders?
A: Absolutely! They’re designed for both women and men.

Q: Can I use them for activities other than what’s mentioned?
A: Certainly. While they’re ideal for activities like yoga, pilates, and aerobics, they’re versatile enough for any exercise requiring added resistance.

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