LoGest Soft Hand Weights with Straps: Which Weight to Choose?

LoGest offers adjustable soft hand weights that redefine comfort during physical activities. From walking to intense cardio workouts, these neoprene dumbbells with secure straps cater to various exercise needs.
Hand weights play a significant role in enhancing workout routines, and LoGest presents a unique take with its soft, strap-adjusted dumbbells. Designed for utmost convenience, these weights come in 1LB, 2LB, and 3LB variants. Their soft neoprene construction ensures a comfortable grip, minimizing the risk of accidents or strain during exercises. The adjustable straps ensure they stay in place, making them perfect for dynamic movements such as running or walking. Whether you’re embarking on cardio sessions, physical therapy, or just an evening stroll, LoGest has you covered.

Q: What weight options do the LoGest soft hand weights offer?
A: LoGest provides weights in 1LB, 2LB, and 3LB options.

Q: Are the straps on these weights adjustable?
A: Yes, the weights feature adjustable straps for a secure fit during exercises.

Q: Can these weights be used for physical therapy?
A: Absolutely, their design makes them suitable not only for regular workouts but also for physical therapy sessions.

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