Legend Legacy Ankle Straps: Neoprene-Padded Cable Machine Attachments

Unveiling Legend Legacy’s Neoprene-Padded Ankle Straps: your reliable partner for robust leg and glute workouts, whether at home or in the gym. These adjustable cuffs are designed with rust-resistant features to ensure they last.

Legend Legacy brings to the forefront its innovative ankle straps for cable machines. Offering unparalleled comfort, these ankle cuffs are embedded with neoprene padding ensuring a snug fit while maximising your leg extensions, booty hip abductors, kickbacks, curls, and glute workouts.

The adjustable design makes it a versatile choice for individuals of varying leg sizes. Moreover, the rust-resistant feature guarantees longevity, assuring that they remain a staple in your fitness regimen. Whether you’re gearing up for a home workout or preparing for a session at the gym, these ankle straps have been fashioned to support you through thick and thin.

Q: Are these ankle straps adjustable?
A: Yes, the Legend Legacy ankle straps are adjustable to cater for various leg sizes.

Q: Can they be used for both home and gym workouts?
A: Absolutely! Their versatile design ensures they’re suitable for both home and gym settings.

Q: What makes these straps comfortable?
A: The straps have been incorporated with neoprene padding, ensuring a snug and comfy fit during workouts.

Q: Are these resistant to rust?
A: Indeed. The ankle straps are designed with rust-resistant features, ensuring they last a good while.

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