Interlocking EVA Foam Floor Mat – 18 Piece Gym Flooring Set for Exercise, Sports & Home Fitness

A comprehensive selection for your flooring needs, our Interlocking EVA Soft Foam Floor Mat set provides a unique mix of comfort, durability and elegance. Comprising 18 puzzle rubber tiles, these mats serve as a protective underlay for your gym, garage, pool, and other home fitness areas.
Made from high-quality EVA foam, these interlocking mats offer an impressive combination of comfort and resilience. Easy to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, the 18 pieces can be combined in different configurations to suit your space. The mats function as an excellent protective layer, safeguarding your flooring from damage during high-intensity workouts or even kids’ play.

Whether for high-impact exercises, yoga, or children’s play areas, these mats provide a safe and soft surface. Their durability makes them ideal for use in garages or pool areas, where they offer increased grip and reduce the risk of slips and falls. The versatility of these mats makes them a valuable addition to any home, allowing for easy customization of any area according to the user’s needs.

Moreover, these mats are effortless to clean, ensuring a hygienic surface for all activities. Their interlocking design also allows for easy storage when not in use, making them a practical choice for any fitness enthusiast or busy family.

Enhance your exercise routine, safeguard your surfaces, and provide a fun and safe play area with our Interlocking EVA Soft Foam Floor Mat set.

Q: Can I use these mats outdoors?
A: Yes, the mats are durable and can be used outdoors. However, prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions may cause wear.

Q: How difficult is it to interlock the tiles?
A: The tiles are designed for ease of use and can be interlocked with minimal effort, much like a jigsaw puzzle.

Q: Can these mats be cut to fit a specific space?
A: Yes, you can cut the mats with a sharp utility knife to fit any specific space.

Q: Is the material of the mats safe for children?
A: Yes, the EVA foam used in these mats is non-toxic and safe for children.

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