Gaiam Yoga Mat: 6mm Print Reversible Extra Thick Non-Slip for Yoga & Pilates

Experience a comfortable and supportive yoga session with the Gaiam Yoga Mat. Crafted with attention to detail, this premium 6mm reversible mat provides extra thickness ensuring stability for various exercises.

The Gaiam Yoga Mat stands out in the realm of exercise mats. Not only is it designed for yoga, but its versatility extends to Pilates and various floor exercises. With its distinctive print, it offers users an aesthetic appeal alongside its functional benefits. Its extra-thick 6mm design ensures cushioning and comfort, diminishing the chances of soreness during prolonged sessions. The reversible feature provides two distinct surfaces, allowing users to switch up their aesthetic depending on their mood or preference. Furthermore, the non-slip nature of the mat ensures safety during intricate poses and movements.

Q: What’s the size of the Gaiam Yoga Mat?
A: The mat measures 68 x 24 inches with a 6mm thickness.

Q: Is the mat suitable for high-intensity workouts?
A: While primarily designed for yoga and Pilates, its thick and non-slip nature makes it suitable for a variety of floor workouts.

Q: Can I choose between different prints?
A: The mat boasts a reversible design, offering two unique prints for varied aesthetic appeal.

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