Gaiam Essentials Yoga Blocks (2-Pack) – Soft Non-Slip Foam for Yoga & Pilates

For those devoted to yoga, Pilates or meditation, finding the right support can make all the difference. Gaiam Essentials Yoga Blocks, in their two-pack set, promise just that. With their non-slip foam surface, these blocks ensure both safety and comfort.

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Blocks stand out in a market flooded with yoga accessories. Crafted with precision, their soft foam surface ensures a non-slip grip, which is essential during intense yoga or Pilates sessions. Moreover, their durability ensures they won’t easily break or lose shape over time. Being available in a set of two, these blocks cater to various postures and exercises, assisting both beginners and seasoned practitioners. Whether it’s deepening your stretch, achieving better balance, or providing elevation, these blocks are versatile enough to cater to multiple needs.

Q: What material are the Gaiam Essentials Yoga Blocks made from?
A: They’re made from a soft, non-slip foam.

Q: How many blocks come in one set?
A: Each set contains two blocks.

Q: Are these blocks suitable for both yoga and Pilates?
A: Yes, the design ensures they’re apt for both yoga and Pilates exercises.

Q: Can beginners benefit from using these blocks?
A: Absolutely! Beginners can use these blocks for additional support and to achieve proper alignment.

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