Feetlu Extra Large Yoga Mat: Cushioned, Eco-Friendly & Dual-Surfaced

Introducing the Feetlu Yoga Mat – a mat that stands out for its extra-large size, cushioned comfort, and dual-surface design. Whether you’re an experienced yogi, a budding pilates enthusiast or simply looking for a reliable workout mat, this eco-friendly POE mat fits the bill. Complete with a convenient carrying strap, it’s a top choice for both adults and kids.

The Feetlu Yoga Mat is not your average exercise accessory. With dimensions generously crafted for extra space, it promises ample room to stretch and move. The dual-surface feature ensures that the mat remains non-skid regardless of the floor type, providing safety and stability during your routines.

Offering choices of 10mm and 12mm thickness, it caters to individuals who prioritise cushioned support, especially beneficial for those with joint concerns. The mat’s eco-friendly POE material is not only good for the environment but also guarantees durability, ensuring that the mat remains a staple in your fitness journey for an extended period.

Beyond its features, the inclusion of a carrying strap simplifies transportation, making it hassle-free to bring along to any workout location. Whether for men, women, or kids, the Feetlu Yoga Mat emerges as a versatile and essential tool for a variety of exercises.

Q: What material is the Feetlu Yoga Mat made of?
A: The mat is crafted from eco-friendly POE material.

Q: Is the mat suitable for all age groups?
A: Yes, it’s ideal for men, women, and kids.

Q: How does the dual-surface design benefit users?
A: The dual-surface ensures the mat remains non-skid on various floor types, offering safety and stability.

Q: Are there different thickness options available?
A: Yes, users can choose between 10mm and 12mm thickness for added cushioned support.

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