**Cool RAG Extreme Cooling Towel: Essential for Workout & Sports – How Does It Work?

Feeling overwhelmed by the heat during intensive workouts or outdoor sports? The Cool RAG Extreme Cooling Towel provides the solution you need. With its unique PVA material, this towel guarantees rapid cooling relief, especially when placed around the neck.

Made from a special PVA material, the Cool RAG Extreme Cooling Towel boasts an advanced design that ensures users can enjoy instant heat relief. Whether it’s for your gym session, a long run, or any other outdoor activity, having this cooling towel with you can make a significant difference. By merely wetting and wringing the towel, then placing it on your neck, you activate its cooling properties. The evaporation process offers a pleasant, chill sensation, combating the effects of scorching temperatures. Apart from its functional benefits, the towel is also lightweight, making it effortless to carry along with other sports gear.

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