CIZEBO Compact Exercise Ball for Knees, 6-Inch Pilates Sphere, Complete with Pump, Core Ball for Physical Therapy, Mini Barre Ball, Yoga Ball for Women, Fitness Tool for Home PT

A versatile fitness accessory, the CIZEBO compact exercise ball is an essential tool for enhancing your workouts. This 6-inch Pilates ball is designed for a variety of exercises, acting as an excellent core ball for classes and at-home physical therapy. It also makes a superb mini barre ball and yoga ball for women. Complete with a pump, it’s convenient and ready to use for your next workout.
Improve your fitness regime with the CIZEBO compact exercise ball. With its 6-inch diameter, it fits perfectly between the knees, aiding in Pilates exercises and serving as a core ball for classes or physical therapy sessions. The ball also comes with a pump, making it easy to inflate and maintain the right pressure.

As a versatile fitness tool, it’s ideal for women looking to add a new challenge to their yoga routines. It’s also a handy addition to your home workout gear. Not limited to only Pilates or yoga, this mini barre ball is great for different kinds of exercises, helping improve balance, core strength, and overall flexibility.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or starting your fitness journey, this ball makes it easy to add variety to your exercises. It’s lightweight and portable, allowing you to take it anywhere. With CIZEBO’s compact exercise ball, achieving your fitness goals is within your grasp.

Q: How big is the CIZEBO exercise ball?
A: The CIZEBO exercise ball has a diameter of 6 inches, making it perfect for use in a variety of workouts.

Q: Does the ball come with a pump?
A: Yes, the CIZEBO exercise ball includes a pump for easy inflation.

Q: Can I use the ball for physical therapy?
A: Absolutely. The CIZEBO exercise ball serves as a versatile fitness tool, suitable for use in physical therapy sessions.

Q: Is the ball suitable for yoga?
A: Yes, this ball is ideal for women looking to add variety to their yoga routines.

Q: Can I use the ball for other exercises?
A: Certainly. Beyond Pilates and yoga, you can use the ball for other kinds of exercises, such as those involving balance and core strength.

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