CELER Women’s Racerback Seamless Fitness Bra – Chemistry Design

Introducing the CELER Chemistry Design Sports Bra – where comfort meets functionality. Dive into a world of seamless workouts and unmatched support, ideal for yoga, the gym, or any fitness routine. Included removable pads ensure flexibility and customisation, ensuring every woman finds her perfect fit.

Every fitness enthusiast understands the need for a reliable sports bra. With the CELER Women’s Racerback Seamless Fitness Bra, we’ve merged fashion and functionality. Inspired by the patterns of chemistry, its unique design not only looks good but also promises top-notch comfort during workouts.

Main features:

Seamless Design: Eliminate discomfort with our seamless construction. Whether you’re deep in a yoga pose or sprinting in the park, the smooth design ensures no chafing.

Racerback Style: Offering better range of motion and weight distribution, the racerback design also provides a snug fit and prevents straps from slipping off.

Removable Pads: Customise your fit and comfort with easily removable pads. Whether you want a natural look or a bit of extra lift, the choice is yours.

Chemistry-Inspired Look: Stand out in the gym or yoga studio with a unique chemistry-themed design. It’s more than just a bra; it’s a statement.

Q: Can I wash this bra in the washing machine?
A: Yes, but for longevity, it’s recommended to use a gentle cycle and air dry.

Q: Is the sizing true to fit?
A: Generally, yes. However, always refer to our sizing chart to ensure the best fit.

Q: What’s the main material used?
A: The bra is crafted using a blend of premium, breathable fabrics to ensure comfort during activities.

Q: Can the bra be worn for high-intensity workouts?
A: Absolutely. It’s designed for a variety of workouts, from yoga to high-intensity training.

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