Broad & Robust Yoga Mat: 72 x 32 x 1/3, Dual-Faced, Slip Resistant TPE Mat for Yoga, Pilates and Home Fitness for All

Designed for individuals seeking a more spacious and supportive experience in their fitness journey, this yoga mat is a crucial fitness companion. Crafted from top-quality TPE, this mat provides an extra-wide and thick platform that ensures stability, cushioning, and resilience during yoga, Pilates, or any other home workouts. Its double-sided, non-slip surface caters to the safety needs of adults and kids alike. Supplied with a carrying strap, this professional yoga mat proves its value by offering ease of portability.
When it comes to supporting and enhancing your fitness endeavours, nothing quite compares to this broad and robust yoga mat. Measuring 72 x 32 x 1/3 inches, it caters to individuals of all sizes, providing ample space for your movements. This mat is tailored with double-sided non-slip surfaces, promising secure footing and excellent grip, reducing the chance of slips and falls.

Made from professional TPE, the mat showcases supreme durability and resilience. It’s soft yet dense material ensures cushioning and balance during rigorous workouts or complex yoga poses. Furthermore, the material is gentle on the skin, providing an enjoyable workout experience for both adults and kids.

A standout feature of this mat is its carry strap. The strap not only enhances portability but also ensures easy storage. With this mat, there’s no need to compromise on your fitness routine, regardless of where you are.

The multifaceted nature of this mat makes it ideal not only for yoga enthusiasts but also for those indulging in Pilates or other home-based fitness routines. With its professional quality and accommodating size, it’s truly a mat for everyone.

Q: Who can use this mat?
A: The mat is suitable for adults and kids, designed for both men and women.

Q: Is it easily portable?
A: Yes, the mat comes with a carry strap, allowing easy transportation and storage.

Q: Can I use it for exercises other than yoga?
A: Absolutely! While it’s ideal for yoga, its high-quality build also makes it perfect for Pilates, general fitness exercises and home-based workouts.

Q: How does it support safety during workouts?
A: The mat has dual-sided non-slip surfaces, which provide excellent grip and secure footing, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Q: What material is the mat made from?
A: The mat is made from professional-grade TPE, known for its durability, resilience, and skin-friendly properties.

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