Black NBR 10mm Extra-Thick Anti-Tear Flexmate Yoga Mat for Indoor & Outdoor Fitness

Finding the perfect companion for your yoga, pilates, or general exercise routine isn’t easy. However, with Flexmate’s high-density, extra-thick 10mm NBR workout mat, your search could be over. Equipped with a handy carry bag, this non-slip mat provides unparalleled support and durability for men and women alike. Whether you’re practising at home or the gym, it has the robustness to withstand the most demanding workouts.
Meet the black Flexmate Yoga Mat, your soon-to-be favourite exercise companion. Constructed from high-density, anti-tear NBR, this mat is 10mm thick, providing extra cushioning for joints during any workout. Ideal for yoga, pilates, or general fitness routines, its non-slip surface offers maximum stability even in the most challenging poses.

Moreover, Flexmate prioritises portability. Our mat comes with a convenient carry bag, making it easy to transport between your home and the gym. This all-rounder is a perfect match for both men and women, meeting the needs of different fitness levels and exercises.

Enjoy the advantage of the extra thickness, which protects your knees, elbows, and other joints from hard flooring. Plus, the mat’s high-density construction ensures that it won’t lose its shape over time, despite regular, intensive workouts. Embrace your fitness journey with Flexmate, the ultimate workout mat designed with longevity and comfort in mind.

Q: Can I use this Flexmate mat for exercises other than yoga?
A: Absolutely. This mat is versatile enough for all sorts of fitness routines, including pilates, general exercise and more.

Q: Is this mat suitable for outdoor use?
A: Yes, indeed. Thanks to its high-density, anti-tear NBR material, the Flexmate mat can withstand various environments, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Q: What makes this mat different from other yoga mats?
A: The standout features are its 10mm thickness, providing extra cushioning for joints, and its high-density, anti-tear NBR construction, ensuring long-lasting durability and shape retention. Furthermore, the mat comes with a carry bag, simplifying transportation between your home and gym.

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