BalanceFrom Vinyl Standard Strength Training 1-Inch Weight Plate for Weightlifting and Crossfit with Barbell, Set or Pair

Unearth your true strength with BalanceFrom Vinyl Standard 1-Inch Weight Plate. Perfectly designed for weightlifting and Crossfit, this product comes as a set or pair with a barbell. It’s not just about lifting weights, but about engaging in a journey towards a stronger self.

BalanceFrom Vinyl Standard 1-Inch Weight Plate takes strength training to an entirely different level. Crafted from high-quality vinyl, these weight plates ensure durability and longevity, making them a must-have in your strength training arsenal.

These weight plates are designed for compatibility with one-inch barbells, ideal for both beginner and advanced strength training enthusiasts. The plates come in different weights, so you can easily customise your workout regimen according to your fitness goals. The sleek black design offers a professional, sleek look that adds character to your gym setup.

This product is not just about physical toughness; it’s about mental resilience too. It pushes you to overcome your limits and helps you learn more about your capabilities. The BalanceFrom Vinyl Standard 1-Inch Weight Plate is not just an accessory but a partner that walks with you on your strength training journey.

Every lift, every strain, every moment of triumph is a step forward. Whether you’re into weightlifting, Crossfit, or general strength training, this weight plate set becomes an integral part of your fitness routine. With this product, you’re not just lifting weights; you’re lifting yourself towards a stronger, healthier, and more capable you.

Q: Does the BalanceFrom Vinyl Standard 1-Inch Weight Plate come with a barbell?
A: Yes, this product comes with a barbell. You have the option to choose from a set or pair of weight plates.

Q: What weights are available for this product?
A: The BalanceFrom Vinyl Standard 1-Inch Weight Plate comes in various weights. This allows for customisation based on your fitness level and training goals.

Q: Is this weight plate suitable for beginners?
A: Absolutely. The BalanceFrom Vinyl Standard 1-Inch Weight Plate is designed for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes.

Q: Can I use these weight plates for Crossfit workouts?
A: Yes, these weight plates are suitable for a variety of fitness regimens, including weightlifting and Crossfit.

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