Australian-Designed Under-Desk Elliptical Bundle: JR1 Cubii, Non-Slip Mat, Adjustable Pedal Exerciser & Fitness Tracker

Fitness need not confine within gym walls or rigorous outdoor routines. Introducing our JR1 Cubii, an Australian innovation bundled with a non-slip mat and adjustable resistance bike pedal exerciser. All you need for maintaining an active lifestyle, right under your desk. An LCD fitness tracker screen is built into the system to monitor your progress in real time. Available in an elegant purple design.
This under-desk elliptical bundle is purpose-built to seamlessly integrate physical activity into your busy schedule. The JR1 Cubii is compact, allowing it to slide easily under most desks. Equipped with adjustable resistance settings, you can customise your workout intensity depending on your comfort level.

The bundle comes with a non-slip mat ensuring the equipment stays in place during your exercise routine. What’s more, the inclusion of an LCD fitness tracker screen lets you track calories burned, strides taken, distance covered, and exercise duration. No need to speculate about your fitness progress.

This at-home fitness solution doesn’t compromise on style either. Its purple design adds a pop of colour to your space, making it not just a fitness equipment but also a trendy accessory.

Q: What are the dimensions of the JR1 Cubii?
A: The JR1 Cubii has compact dimensions making it perfect to be used under most desks.

Q: Can I adjust the resistance levels on the pedal exerciser?
A: Yes, the pedal exerciser comes with adjustable resistance levels, allowing you to customise your workout.

Q: Does the fitness tracker show real-time data?
A: Absolutely! The LCD fitness tracker displays real-time data on calories burned, strides taken, distance covered and duration of your workout.

Q: What does the non-slip mat do?
A: The non-slip mat ensures that the elliptical stays in place during your workout routine, enhancing safety and stability.

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