ATENTO Deluxe Barbell Padding Set: Complete with Weightlifting Belt, Non-Slip Grain Fabric, Smith & Olympic Bar Compatibility, Ankle Straps & Hip Resistance Band

Discover unrivalled comfort and stability in your weightlifting regime with the ATENTO Deluxe Barbell Padding Set. Bundled with a weightlifting belt, this set is your ticket to an optimised and comfortable workout experience. The robustly padded hip thrust pad provides relief from unnecessary pressure on the neck and shoulders during bench press and lunges, enhancing your performance in leg exercises and squats. With its anti-slip grain fabric, it ensures that your workout remains secure and stable. This comprehensive set is designed for compatibility with Smith machines and Olympic bars, and includes gym ankle straps and a hip resistance band, all neatly packed in a handy carry bag.
A closer look at the ATENTO Deluxe Barbell Padding Set reveals its unique features. The primary component of the set, the barbell pad, is densely cushioned to alleviate the stress on the neck and shoulders during intense weightlifting routines. Crafted to be compatible with Smith machines and Olympic bars, the pad employs an anti-slip grain fabric, mitigating the risk of accidental slips during workouts.

The set also encompasses a robust weightlifting belt, designed to provide additional support and increase your performance during heavy lifts. Moreover, the package is supplemented with two gym ankle straps for diversified leg workouts and a hip resistance band that aids in various exercise regimes. A sleek carry bag accompanies the set, allowing for convenient transportation and storage of the equipment.

The ATENTO Deluxe Barbell Padding Set not only enhances the comfort during your workout but also upgrades your weightlifting equipment to the next level of quality and performance. Experience the difference with ATENTO’s thoughtfully designed and comprehensive workout gear.

Q: Does the ATENTO Deluxe Barbell Padding Set fit all bar sizes?
A: The barbell pad is designed to fit most standard bars, including Smith machines and Olympic bars.

Q: Is the weightlifting belt size adjustable?
A: Yes, the weightlifting belt is adjustable to provide a comfortable and secure fit for different body sizes.

Q: Are the gym ankle straps and hip resistance band included in the set?
A: Absolutely, the set includes both gym ankle straps and a hip resistance band to diversify your workout options.

Q: What is the function of the anti-slip grain fabric?
A: The anti-slip grain fabric on the barbell pad ensures a secure grip on the bar during workouts, reducing the risk of slipping.

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