AMMAN Barbell Cushion Pad for Squat and Hip Thrust – Premium Gym Smith Machine Weightlifting Accessory – AM001

Discover the superior quality of AMMAN Barbell Pad. Engineered to enhance your weightlifting regime, it’s designed for optimum performance with squats and hip thrusts. Built to relieve discomfort, this top-tier gym gear lets you say goodbye to neck and shoulder pain. Enjoy a robust yet comfortable foam cushioning with the AM001 model.

Embarking on a weightlifting journey can be made much more comfortable and efficient with the AMMAN Barbell Pad. This accessory, designed with high-quality, dense foam cushioning, guarantees relief from potential neck and shoulder pain often associated with intense gym workouts.

Squats and hip thrusts are two crucial exercises for any weightlifting routine, and the AMMAN Barbell Pad is made to make these easier and more comfortable. The pad fits securely onto a standard barbell or Smith Machine, providing a soft cushion between the metal bar and your body.

The AM001 model, crafted from durable materials, can withstand even the heaviest weights while providing outstanding comfort. Its ergonomic design caters to the body’s natural contours, ensuring the correct form and alignment during your workout.

Q: How does the AMMAN Barbell Pad alleviate neck and shoulder pain?
A: The barbell pad is fitted with dense foam that provides a cushioning effect. This lessens the pressure on your neck and shoulders during exercises such as squats or hip thrusts.

Q: Can I use this barbell pad with a Smith Machine?
A: Absolutely. The AMMAN Barbell Pad is designed to fit securely onto standard barbells and Smith Machines.

Q: What is the durability of the AM001 model?
A: The AM001 model is made from high-quality, robust materials. It’s designed to withstand intense workout sessions and heavy weights.

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