Acrylic Reading Rack for Treadmills: iPad, Kindle, Nook & More (9×8″)

Work out without letting go of your favourite reading materials. Discover the clear acrylic rack tailored for treadmills that’s compatible with a plethora of devices: iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and more, as well as traditional magazines. Sized at 9×8 inches, it’s designed for exercise enthusiasts who love multitasking.
While exercising, it’s common to crave some mental engagement. The acrylic reading rack offers the perfect solution for treadmill users. Be it an intense novel, an enlightening magazine, or your digital device, this rack ensures it’s within reach. Its universal design means it’s compatible with a myriad of gadgets including tablets and eReaders. The 9×8 inch dimensions provide ample space without being obtrusive. Made of clear acrylic, it’s durable yet doesn’t obstruct your view of treadmill controls. Not only does it provide convenience, but it also encourages prolonged workouts as you immerse in your chosen reading material or digital content.

Q: Can this rack support heavier books or just devices?
A: It’s designed to support both books and devices, but it’s always advisable to ensure the weight is distributed evenly.

Q: Is the acrylic prone to scratching or scuffing?
A: Like any material, it might show wear with prolonged use, but its design is meant for durability during typical gym usage.

Q: Can I adjust the angle for better viewing?
A: The rack is fixed, but its universal design aims to cater to most viewing angles for treadmill users.

Q: Is it easy to install on any treadmill?
A: Absolutely, its universal design ensures compatibility with most treadmills.

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