When focusing on strength and definition, the lower body often needs targeted equipment. Enter the POWER GUIDANCE Ankle Strap, a crucial companion for those serious about their workouts. Especially designed for cable machines, it promises a higher level of precision in glute workouts and leg extensions. But does it truly deliver on its promise?

Q: Can the POWER GUIDANCE Ankle Strap fit all cable machines?
A: Yes, its design and the inclusion of the D-ring ensure it can be attached to any standard cable machine.

Q: Is it suitable for both beginners and professionals?
A: Absolutely! Whether one’s just starting their fitness journey or they’re a seasoned pro, the strap offers value to all.

Q: How does it help in working the hip abductors?
A: The strap allows for precise targeting of the hip abductors, especially during kickbacks, ensuring an effective workout.

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