Delve into the world of yoga with KNOWYOGA’s comprehensive starter kit. Boasting an array of essentials from a yoga mat to resistance bands, this collection ensures an optimal experience for newcomers.

Embracing yoga’s multifaceted benefits becomes simpler with the right tools. The KNOWYOGA starter set is meticulously designed to cater to those embarking on their yoga journey. This set includes:

A premium yoga mat offering optimum grip and cushioning.
A foam roller to ease muscle tension and enhance flexibility.
Four versatile resistance bands for strength training and toning.
Two sturdy yoga blocks, aiding in perfecting those challenging poses.
An adjustable strap to help with stretching and reaching.
Two peanut massage balls, ideal for targeting muscle knots and relieving tension.

Whether you’re looking to achieve mental tranquillity, physical fitness, or both, this starter kit encompasses everything needed for a holistic approach to yoga.

Q: What items are included in the KNOWYOGA starter set?
A: The set comprises a yoga mat, foam roller, four resistance bands, two yoga blocks, a strap, and two peanut massage balls.

Q: Is this set suitable for yoga practitioners at all levels?
A: While designed primarily for beginners, the items in the set can be utilised by yoga enthusiasts of all levels.

Q: How does the foam roller benefit my yoga practice?
A: The foam roller aids in muscle relaxation, reduces soreness, and increases flexibility, enhancing your overall yoga experience.

Q: Are the resistance bands in different strengths?
A: Yes, the kit offers four resistance bands of varying strengths to cater to different training needs.

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