12-in-1 Push Up Board: Multi-Function Foldable System for Chest Workouts

Dive deep into the world of fitness with the 12-in-1 Push Up Board. This portable and foldable tool enhances home workouts, allowing for a diversified range of exercises. Colour coded for user-friendly experience, the board’s design aids both men and women in achieving their strength training goals.

Push ups, often dubbed the quintessential bodyweight exercise, primarily target the chest but also engage various muscles. A standard push up can be mundane and restrictive in terms of the muscles engaged. The 12-in-1 Push Up Board comes as an innovative solution, expanding the horizons of push up exercises.


Colour-Coded System: No more guesswork! Each colour represents a different muscle group, ensuring you target areas precisely.

Portable & Foldable: Easy storage and mobility make it perfect for any home space, no matter how limited.

Versatile: Suitable for various fitness levels and goals, from beginners to seasoned athletes.

Durable: Built to withstand rigorous routines, ensuring long-lasting performance.

It’s more than just a board; it’s a commitment to fitness, a leap towards achieving a well-defined physique.

**Q:** Can this board be used by both beginners and professionals?
**A:** Absolutely! Its design caters to all fitness levels.

Q: How does the colour-coded system work?
A: Each colour on the board signifies a specific muscle group. This helps in targeting specific areas during the workout.

Q: Is the board easy to store?
A: Yes, it’s foldable and compact, making it ideal for home spaces.

Q: Are there instructions included on how to use the board?
A: Yes, guidelines are provided to ensure optimal use and safety.

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